How do I use a Line Tension Clip?

How do I use a Line Tension Clip?

Occasionally the line on your rotary airer might sag, this can be due to a number of factors; weather conditions (lines are more prone to sagging in warmer weather), tangled lines, unevenly spaced lines and the rotary operation not being locked at its highest point. Before you use the line tension clip please ensure you have eliminated all the above factors.

Warning: the line tension clip is there to be used as a last resort to re-tension your rotary washing line.


1) Pinch where arrows indicate and open


2) Unwind the loose line end
(warning - do not untie the knotted line end)


3) Pull the loose line end until it is at your desired tension


4) Rewind the loose line end


5) Secure by looping end of line back into the clip


6) Close the clip